Summer winds down, indoor projects begin.

That time of year again, it’s getting cold outside and unfortunately we don’t have a heated garage that we can use year-round.  Time to pack up the BMW track car, store tires and start looking for projects that can be completed indoors away from the inevitable Canadian winter.  Fortunately, this project has a long way to go and a good deal of head scratching, figuring, mockups and the occasional glass of whiskey will be on tap until spring finally breaks. 

Our new brakes from Wilwood showed up from our friends at Performance Improvements.(thanks Andy)

Big Brake kit.jpg

Installing them was fairly simple although I didn’t anticipate that I would need to purchase a new 12-point socket set in order to fasten the supplied hardware – good thing Canadian Tire had them on sale.

Big Brake Rear.jpg

The fronts are Wilwood Superlite 6R 6-piston calipers on 12.88inch slotted rotors


The rears are WilWood Dynalite forged 4-piston calipers on 12.19inch slotted rotors with integrated parking brake.


One small hitch with the rear brakes, we did have to order up a different set of rear hub adapter rings to fit our 31-spline axle – the stock Wilwood kit ships with rings that adapt to the normal Mustang 28-spline shafts.

With all of the added cabin width and length of our chassis modifications we can now get down to ordering seats that will fit in the car.  The first thing we considered was the possibility of finding older seat frames and having them re-upholstered, but finding the right shape and style along with something that would be comfortable proved to be quite challenging, not to mention the cost of having someone custom upholster added to the budget significantly.  After much hunting we decided that the easier and most cost effective route was to go with an aftermarket seat from Corbeau.  We have a Corbeau seat in the BMW project, it’s comfortable and has proven it’s durability with all of the track hours and abuse that it has taken over the past 5 years.  After measuring just about every angle, it looks like the Corbeau LG1 and LG1 Wide will be the seats of choice, Corbeau also allows for custom ordering so that we can get them in matching black leather.  The drivers seat will be slightly wider and have the option of slide/tilt adjustment, where the passengers seat will be fixed in position.  Once delivered, there will be further modification to the seat frames so that they have vertical room to maneuver and fit the slider rails and position locking hardware, a good winter project for sure.

LG1 Leather.jpg

Other projects for the indoors include the steering wheel assembly, parking brake (a little different) and the door handles. Parking Brake.jpg

The stock parking brake location on this kit was not going to work, it took up too much valuable room on the floor near the passenger side of the transmission tunnel.  As an alternative my father has devised a simply pull handle that will be integrated into the dash layout – Pull to engage, turn and push to release.  This is similar to the 1965 Mustang brake handle located above the drivers left leg, it’s also the type of parking brake used in the car we are drawing interior inspiration from – the 1967 Toyota 2000GT.

Door Handle.jpg

The door handles pictured in a previous post are starting to take a bit more shape in design.


The steering wheel delivered from Factory Five is a nice unit with solid wood and a good overall finish, however getting it to hook up with the Ididit column and quick release hardware is a bit more complicated.  Even something as simple as the horn button has to be worked out.

Horn Detail.jpg

That’s all for now – stay tuned for more…..maybe even an engine dyno run??


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