5 days till order pickup!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site but finally I have some updates to share.

In five days, I’ll be hooking up an 18’ trailer to the back of my truck and hitting the road for Wareham MA with my father. 11 hours there and 11 hours home, not counting the hours I will imagine we will need to spend at the border getting things sorted out. I would like to say a HUGE thanks to my buddy (and fellow Seaton grad) Matt Dailley over at DFS Projects for letting us use one of his many trailers for the job.



Although I know we’re going to have a huge amount of headache at the border getting things processed, I finally received our Transport Canada approval to bring the FFR Type-65 chassis into Canada from the USA.  This wasn’t something that just happened, I logged many phone calls and resent the information at least 4 times before I received a positive response from the TC offices nearly 9 WEEKS after my original submission.

Why is this paperwork necessary?  It turns out that under the current motor vehicles act in Canada, cars labelled as ‘KIT’ from out of country are considered illegal – however – it is legal to import parts of a car and assemble it on Canadian soil (scroll to the bottom of this blog for more of the story).  The paperwork that must be sent into Transport Canada is to prove that we are importing parts that do not constitute an entire vehicle, so we must not include in this import any drivetrain parts such as brakes, transmission, engine or driveline components or suspension parts.  If we did include any of these parts, it would be considered a vehicle import and would have to go through the vehicle registration process at the border.

The odd part with these rules is that we will be sourcing many of the same parts required to build this vehicle, but through Canadian vendors…..who get it from the same place we would anyway.  Thank you bureaucracy.

Engine bits:

As mentioned previously in this blog, we have our friend Venice Perno, owner of the The Performance Cellar working on our engine build.  Venice is an active competitor in the NHRA/IHRA circuit, meaning that Venice is essentially building this engine in between working on his own race machine and touring the competition circuit.  The good news is that we’re not in any rush for the engine just yet, with the chassis showing up next week and a whole ton of things to sort out, the engine is quite far down the list of priorities.  Venice did however send out some pictures of the initial progress, the bottom end is together and Venice is working meticulously on each phase of the build to make sure the engine delivers strong reliable HP.


Suspension bits:

As mentioned above, we have to source parts from places other than Factory Five Racing – fortunately, I found a very helpful shop out of Montreal called Chrome Paint N Rods.  Spiro Papas (owner) has helped many in the Montreal area source and complete their Factory Five Cobra builds in Quebec, he was kind enough to contact me through the official Factory Five Forums to assist in our build.  Pictured below are the rear upper/lower control arms, upper control arms/ball joints and a suggestion from Spiro, upgraded from the standard kit – double adjustable QA-1 coil overs.  Getting those home on the train from Montreal to London Ontario was….an experience.


Rear End:

I managed to find a source in Windsor Ontario for this through a guy named John Homenuik.  I found John in an online forum and at first I was a little skeptical about his experience, until I drove down and saw his shop – this guy lives eats and breathes differentials…..parts everywhere from just about every configuration I could imagine, and he could name every last one of them.  I pulled the trigger on a 3.27 ratio 8.8inch with a housing from the 86-93 Mustang as it works the best for aftermarket disk brake kits.  New 31 spline 5-bolt axles, a 1350 yoke and a carbon fiber traction-lok from a late model Shelby Mustang.  Perfect. 


I’m still in the process of sourcing brakes and wheels.  For brakes, I’m leaning towards BAER – they make a nice kit that fits the 8.8.  Wheels…….so much choice, not sure how to narrow that search just yet.  Stay tuned.


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