Parts arriving, planning continues…..

Door Handles.png

Flush door handle design concept 1.

Winter has finally arrived in London Ontario, dealing with 40+CM of snow, thought I would take a break from the shoveling to share what’s been going on in the background.

Completely unable to sit still and without decent weather or a chassis to wrench on, my father has been madly scheming and drawing concepts for various parts of the 65 build.  The title picture is a concept drawing for a flush handle design that I saw on the internet.  This handle design could be brushed or painted to match the body color (yet to be decided), and should hide in the body work nicely.


Handle pic.jpg

Also in the works are some of the interior components that can be sourced early.  After an exhaustive search online, we finally found some heavy duty rocker switches from a marine application that can be used for dash controls.  This nice part about these particular switches is that they can handle 25amps, so we can cut down on the number of relays required in the electrical system.Panel Rocker Switch.jpg

The pedals are another area that we’re playing around with at the moment.  There are some drop in pedal kits on the market that are recommended for the Factory Five Cobra cars, however our research shows many of them require some modification of the frame components – also we need to take into account my size 14 feet and may require some adjustability in the overall design that the pre-made pedals can’t provide.


The kit chassis is set to be picked up late May of this year with the goal of having a rolling chassis mechanically complete by the end of this summer.  Venice (our engine builder) has ensured us that we should see our completed 347 Windsor some time around the end of March – plans are in the works to get a bench dyno and hopefully capture some video of the process to share with everyone.

Our T56 Magnum has arrived as well as some of the pieces required to get the car moving when things get warmer.



We also managed to find some front spindles/hubs via a local wrecking yard.  We considered purchasing these new, however the landed price in Canada after currency conversion, shipping and brokerage was just a little ridiculous – these came in a 1/4 the cost.  They might not be the prettiest things in the world, but no one will see them behind the rather large brake rotors I have been shopping for……..more on those in a future update.



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