Factory Five ROADTRIP

Before starting this project my father and I decided that we have to see the actual machine in person, not only to see the quality of the products and what we were getting for our money, but also to see if my 6’4” not so slim frame would fit into the cockpit.


May 2015, we set out on the 1000+ KM trip spanning southern Ontario, New York and Massachusetts arriving in Middleborough MA just in time for dinner at a place called Harry’s Bar & Grille where we had perhaps the largest quantity of deep fried food I have ever seen for the money.  After a few beers and some discussion about how we hadn’t even made a dent in the plate of fried ‘stuff’ in front of us, we then checked in to the local Holiday Inn for some rest.

The next morning, we set out for Wareham MA – the home of Factory Five Racing.

Tow Road essentially dead ends into a large parking lot where you can see a self storage facility to the left, and to the right a large tan warehouse with the Factory Five logo on the door.  I have to admit when I arrived my first though was “this is it?”.  The large black streaks of rubber scribbled all over the pavement should have been my first clue that we were for sure in the right place.

Fac door.jpg

As soon as we stepped in the front door we entered the Factory Five showroom where we could inspect examples of all of the available kits that FFR produced as well as some chassis/drivetrain combinations with no body.  The exposed chassis with installed drivetrains and running gear were great to see, I started filling the camera with as many angles as possible of various brake kits, gas tanks, pedal setups, suspension pieces and engine mount shots as I could.



It was amazing to see some of the cars in person, cars can look so different in person when comparing them to a photo.  In most cases, the pictures simply can’t do justice to the machine sitting directly in front of you.  There were some fantastic Cobras in vintage as well as modern trim, a 33 roadster kit with supercharged Ford block, a GTM supercar with an LS engine mid mounted as well as the newer 818 with a Subaru WRX drivetrain.  At the back of the showroom was the car we came to see, the FFR Type-65.


FFR 818:


FFR GTM Supercar:


FFR 33 HotRod:


Time for the factory tour – this was a somewhat informal process, we let someone at the front desk know we were ready and off we went behind the doors at the back of the showroom into the assembly/manufacturing and parts area.


Here you can see a stack of body and chassis combinations being prepared for delivery.  The Cobra kits, obviously the bread and butter of FFR, far outnumbered the rest of the kits on the floor or in the racks.

65 red mod.jpg

We also got to see some of the cutting tools and jigs that Factory Five uses to manufacture their chassis’.  Racks upon Racks of parts were on every wall as well as rows of 16 foot racking with parts all labelled for pick and ship.


Once the factory tour was over, we were brought back to the main showroom and had a look at some of the accessory pieces on display.  Overall, I really like the selection that FFR has for their kits and it was nice to have a chance to see how they fit with various style selections.


The good news of course is that my father and I both fit in the vehicle.  Was it worth the near 2300KM round trip?  Absolutely.

Factory Five recently posted a video on their Youtube channel, check it out to learn more about the company and the awesome cars they help their customers build.



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