So – How Did This All Start?

Back in 2009 Jonas took a fateful ride in a hopped up Subaru Legacy on an Autoslalom course and he was hooked. I happened to have a disassembled Ford 5.0L SB and a T5 tranny from a 1985 Mustang GT that was left over from a project that never saw the light of day.

“Hey – that SB will fit into an E36 you know” he said.

“What’s an E36?” I asked.

After about 3 years of throwing money and bloodying knuckles, the result was this –


A 1997 328is donor with an bad auto and lots of miles, but not too rusty.

The final (never final, as anyone who’s done this well knows) turned out to be this – RC on track.jpeg

RC interior

RC engine.jpeg

The original SB lump never would quit throwing oil, thanks in no small measure to my engine building skills, so the second transplant is a Ford Racing 340HP 5.0L crate motor. We grenaded the BMW rear end, so now there lives a Quaif Posi. And this past summer third gear of the old T5 parted company with the living, so a TKO500 awaits installation for this summer’s campaigning. If you, the reader, want to see more, go to to see build and track photo’s, or visit YouTube and search jonas jasinskas for video from the last 5 years of trying to learn how to drive.

So – what has this got to do with the VJJ Factory Five Daytona? – you may ask –

It’s a clinical condition we are dealing with. Also, a street car build has been on my bucket list for some time, and at 63 and nearly retired, time is running short. The Shelby Daytona Coupe was a dream car in my high school days – and I never forgot it.

So, how would Shelby have done a modern super car in the late 60’s based on his Lemans winning Coupe? This is the story of our version of such a mythical super car.



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