Paperwork, glorious paperwork…

Order shot.pngHere I am trying to think of a way to document our new build, and there’s this WordPress thing sitting out there I’ve never tried – time to give it a whirl.

One of the challenges with starting this whole endeavor, is the fact that we (my father and I) are in Canada.  Not only is our Canadian dollar falling like a rock, but we have to deal with Transport Canada.

Luckily, Factory Five Racing has a process for Canadian order as well as a kit offering.  So WHY do we Canadians have to have a special order?  Here’s the deal – you can’t order a complete kit car kit into Canada without it meeting all of the emission regulations as well as the full up to date motor vehicle safety regulations of a modern production car.

More information on kit car importing located HERE

To get around this, Factory Five offers Canadians a “starter kit”, as under the act above you can import starter kits for amateurs who wish to build their own machines on Canadian soil.  The starter kit is essentially the base kits parts (body, glass, frame, aluminum etc) without the rest of the parts that constitute a full car (suspension, brakes, running gear).

The crazy part about all of this is that we can’t even order the parts after the fact from Factory Five, as stated in the act:

“It is against the law (sections 5 (1) and 6 of the Act) to import a vehicle or sell a new vehicle in Canada that does not meet CMVSS. Importing such a vehicle in different shipments is a violation punishable under section 17 of the Act.”

After much back and forth with Factory Five Racing, we finally have the starter kit on order.  The process was fairly straight forward,

– Step 1 is to initiate an order  and make a deposit of minimum $1000 USD, this is usually done online just to get a ticket in their system.

– Step 2 once the order is started (and only after it is started) does FF negotiate deletions in the order, I tried a couple times but they simply will not quote deletions without an order in process

– Step 3 once the kit is paid in full, FF provides all of the Transport Canada documentation (as they require a paid bill of sale to complete)

– Step 4 we submit the paperwork to Transport Canada (this is the part that takes months)

– Step 5 we receive the approval return paperwork from Transport Canada and then we can go pickup the kit.

Fortunately, we have a list of suppliers north of the border who will be assisting us when the kit is finally towed home…..


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