Engine parts start to arrive!


Above is our new (slightly used) Victor Jr heads – previous use was in a dragster of some description.  Our builder has ensured us that these are in great shape and will be able to offer the performance that we’re looking for.

Pictures are starting to trickle in from our engine builder Venice Perno over at The Performance Cellar in Stoney Creek Ontario.  Venice and his wife own and operate this shop, and they have a great deal of experience.  Venice has several NHRA and IHRA records to his name in the Super Stock class with his 2009 Mustang (pic below).  While we’re not looking to drag race our yet to be born machine, we have a lot of trust in Venice’ ability to build reliable power.


Pictured below, our Windsor block in from ATK.


I don’t have all of the decided specs in on the new engine build just yet as Venice is still sourcing a cam, but right now we know that it will be a 347 Windsor based stroker, aiming for between 400 and 500hp.  I will post more information as we gather accessories and get more information out of Stoney Creek.


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